YIP are strongly behind Honorable Olubanke Wellington (Banky W)

The Youths In Politics NG (YIP) are strongly behind Honorable Olubanke Wellington (Banky W)
A man whose mandate is not all about winning a seat but planting a seed. Banky W is a candidate who will earn and treasure his right to serve and bring innovation and reform into the House Of Representative office.

His stated goal is to “inspire” a young generation of Nigerians to bring dramatic change to a country struggling with systemic corruption, poverty, and jihadist violence.

We are proud to be supporting a candidate that knows what the youths want and what the government need.
With Banky W, it is time to get into the system and fix it!

We are ready to throw in our support for any youth that with integrity and worthy to lead.

Tomorrow Is Now

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