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Those that don’t understand politics might be playing it with emotions, of cause messages has been coming in, for the pass 3 days, asking why we chose Atiku Abubakar, and not Peter Obi. It’s simple, we looked critically, at the political permutation, and it doesn’t favour Peter Obi.

1) Labour party does not have the structure to defeat PDP or APC, that’s just the bitter truth.

2) Peter Obi, listed a lot of laws and things he would do while in power, but we checked the party he is in, he needs house of reps, house of assembly and senate, to be able to achieve these laws and change he wants to bring, and the main focus is on Obi.

3) Igbo president doesn’t seem visible yet, cause of the ongoing crisis.

why not APC ? we believe APC has tried and need to leave to give chance to a new leader, we can’t afford to have this same government again, and that’s one of the major reason we are joining forces with His excellency, Atiku Abubakar, to give us the country of our dream, 40% youth and women inclusion in his cabinet, and we will be partnering with the PDP New Generation convening youth participation in politics.
2023 is the election that will determine the faith of Nigeria, and we (YIP) with the PDP New Generation are joining forces together to actualize this goal.
#tomorrowisnow @pdpnewgeneration

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