Atiku is the Unifier

It has come to our attention that a number of members, ambassadors, and national executives of YIP (Youth In Politics Nigeria) have unfortunately been subjected to insults and threats since YIP’s official endorsement of PDP and their presidential candidate H.E. Atiku Abubakar.

YIP does NOT tolerate ignorance or the threat of violence – of ANY kind. It is our duty to promote unity and protect one another. Any attempt outside of what should be positive and progressive will be condemned.

We would like to remind ALL Nigerians that every citizen of this country is entitled to make their voting choices freely and fairly. WITHOUT risk. We as Nigerians are better than this!

Nobody should be attacked for their decision, and everyone should decide in an informed and educated manner.

YIP has always conducted the necessary study to move forward in the most righteous direction. It is evident, based on thorough study of all 3 candidates, that H.E. Atiku Abubakar is the only man with the means, plans and and strategic intention to get Nigeria unified and working again.

YIP is not here to play politics with emotions or momentary gains. Nor are we here to convince or judge on anyone’s voting choices.

YIP is here to ensure the governmental interests and GREATNESS of Nigeria’s young and majority population.

YIP has taken the crucial time to make an well-informed decision. Again, we encourage ALL Nigerians to do the same. We must move with good reasoning and research into every presidential candidate.

YIP will be conducting several outreach assignments to disseminate what we believe is the best mandate presented so far for a better Nigeria, which includes a sincere participation – 40% inclusion of youth and women – within Atiku’s incoming government.

We will be campaigning as well informed, well educated and well prepared winners, because we are. YIP is dedicated to the rightful success of Nigeria – and nothing will sway this dedication.

Meet us at the polling units with your voters card, let’s work, let’s rebuild, let’s positively debate, let’s learn from each other, and may the best for our people and our nation win! @pdpnewgeneration #atikuokowa2023

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