Banish me from Nigeria if Atiku fails

Banish me from Nigeria if Atiku fails – YIP President,
Micheal Nwabufo

Youths In Politics President, Micheal Nwabufo also known as ‘mike premium’ breaks silence after obidients insulted the leadership of YIP for leading team to endorse Atiku.

In his own words, he said “I and my team have received insults and backlash since the endorsement of AtikuOkowa. I’m sorry to disappoint some of you, that Obi can’t be president now, it’s not possible we have checked the odds and it’s very slim, we can’t afford to loose our country it will be the biggest mistake in the history of Nigeria, not to vote Atiku now.

We love Obi no doubts, he is a man of integrity but he doesn’t have the capacity to please the aggrieved groups working against the peace of Nigeria. If Obi manages to become president, every monday, he will be apologizing to Nigerians. It’s unfortunate that we woke up late, if you search deeply you will see the urgent need to install Atiku as the next president and if we miss this opportunity, Nigeria will surfer the consequences for the next four or even eight years.

2023, it’s Atiku for the unity of Nigeria, me and my team are pleading with the aggrieved governors and individuals to please come together and rescue this country. Atiku has promised to restructure the country and also we see sincerity in his approach towards this country. With the conviction I have in me, if Atiku doesn’t perform, then you can go ahead and banish me from Nigeria. It’s a strong word yeah, It’s because this election we are taking it personal, we can’t afford to loose Nigeria, I don’t have anywhere else to go, I can’t afford to leave in another man’s country as a stranger or a visitor, no where like home.

Some of you said, Atiku has giving youths in politics money that’s why we are supporting him, this is a big fat lie from the pit of hell, as YIP we have spent over N13m to support the AtikuOkowa campaign, the records are there check our social media pages and website, it’s pure work. We mobilize and do the necessary”.
Tomorrow is now !!!

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